A new perspective
to algorithmic
trading in DeFi

AlgoVest is an artificial intelligence trading system that aims for consistent profitability in financial markets, utilizing safe strategies and advanced mathematical formulas, to improve trading accuracy and reduce the risk of loss.


The capital and growth
project powered by a
modular algorithm

AlgoVest (AVS) is a multi-DeFi-utility and deflationary cryptocurrency that derives its value from an underlying treasury powered by a disruptive AI trading program that protects and grows investment while using the AVS token buyback as a Protect, Reward and Burn mechanism to increase value for token holders.


Mechanism that creates
value and growth.


You benefit from our capital protection policy designed to increase the value of AVS token by using 70% of algorithmic trading profits for strategic AVS buybacks from the open market to provide upward price pressure and protect holders. Verify AVS token buybacks here.


You earn staking rewards and investment yield when you stake AVS and deposit USDC. 80% of AVS token buybacks are deposited to the staking reward pool to reward stakers. You also earn GRAIL Governance Token as incentive for providing liquidity for AVS token on our yield farming platform.


You gain value when we decrease token supply by burning 20% of the AVS token buybacks, creating token scarcity and long term growth for AVS token holders.


The AVS token
derives value from our
treasury fund.

When our advanced modular algorithm generates profits, 70% of the revenue is converted to ETH for the community controlled treasury fund.

The treasury fund is utilized for buybacks of AVS on the open market to defend the price of AVS token or to expand the AlgoVest ecosystem with new innovative products.


AlgoPool Investment Club

We have tested the trading systems for nearly 3 years before going live. Stake AVS token to gain access to our high-yield pool for consistent passive income on stablecoins.


Six pillars of AlgoVest

DeFi Industry Focused

AI Capital Protection & Consistent Earnings

Strategic Periodic Token Buyback & Burn

Community Treasury Fund

Staking & Investment Yield Pool

Decentralized Governance


The features & utility of the AlgoVest
growing ecosystem.

Why AlgoVest Token is better than others.



ERC20 token built on Ethereum

Fixed limited supply, non-mintable


Deflationary multi-DeFi-utility token

Store on ERC20 compatible wallets

Listed and tradable on DEX/CEX

AI capital protection & growth

Strategic token buyback & burn

Up to 8% APY staking rewards

Up to 60% APY investment yield

Liquidity yield farming

The AVS token smart contract was built by some of the best professional developers in the Blockchain world and has
been audited by an independent third-party.

Token Contract Address: 0x94d916873b22c9c1b53695f1c002f78537b9b3b2


The graph shows how AVS is distributed
across the network.

AVS token

Token Sale



Staking Rewards Pool






Team & Advisors



Bounty & Marketing





2021 Q1

AlgoVest - V1

Website Launch

Token Sale

Uniswap Listing & Liquidity Lock

TradFi Algorithmic Trading Launch

Staking Contract/Dashboard Release

Buyback Contract Launch/Test

2021 Q2

Engage Marketing Director

Release AlgoVest Marketing Plans

Start Marketing Campain on Alternative Media Networks

2021 Q3

AlgoVest - V2

Governance Token Launch

Liquidity Yield Farming Launch

Listing on a New DEX

Website Redesign & launch

Airdrop of New Govervance Token to AVS Holders/Stakers

Grow AlgoVest Portfolio to $500,000

2021 Q4

AlgoVest - V3

1-Month Test of AVS Investment Yield Pool

Governance Launch

Whitepaper Release

AVS Investment Yield Pool Launch

Introducing NFT


Meet the AlgoVest team.




Brands who trusted AlgoVest
from the start.


We want you to ask questions.

What is AlgoVest Algorithm?

AlgoVest is a disruptive automated artificial intelligence trading algorithm, which aims for consistent profitability in financial markets, utilizing safe trading system and advanced mathematical formulas to improve trading accuracy and reduce the risk of loss.

Who built the Algorithm Systems?

We engaged a team of software engineers and experienced traders, led by our CEO, Joedegeek, in the building of the AlgoVest Trading Systems based on three years of research and development. The systems are built on different strategies with similar baseline of artificial intelligence as the foundation. They are self-adaptive and self-learning. We have tested the systems for nearly 2 years with observable ups and downs. Now they are comparatively safe and stable to use after modifications.

What is AlgoVest (AVS) Token?

AlgoVest (AVS) is the capital protection and growth project that is powered by the AlgoVest modular algorithm. The AVS is a multi-DeFi-utility and deflationary token that uses token buyback and burn as a Protect and Reward mechanism. AVS token derives its value from an underlying community treasury fund powered by a disruptive artificial intelligence that grows and protects investments.

How does AlgoVest have a treasury fund?

When our advanced modular algorithm generates returns, 70% of the revenue is used to purchase ETH and the ETH is subsequently used for AVS token buyback and burn on decision of the community.

How will the treasury fund be used?

The treasury fund will be utilized when community votes on AVS buyback from the open market to defend the price of AVS or to expand the AlgoVest ecosystem with new innovative products.

What utility does AVS have?

AVS is the token for the growing AlgoVest ecosystem. AVS will be listed on exchanges.AlgoVest will buyback and burn a percentage of AVS every other months. AVS staked will get rewards from the rewards pool. AVS stakers gain access to USDC investment yield pool

What is the AVS token smart contract address?

The AVS token smart contract address is: 0x94d916873b22c9c1b53695f1c002f78537b9b3b2. This is for information only. DO NOT send any ETH, AVS or other types of tokens to the address as it will be lost.

What is AVS token supply and how is this distributed?

10 million is the fixed total and maximum token supply, and is non-mintable. 3.2 million AVS was sold. 3 million kept as reward pool. 3.8 million was allocated for a combination of ecosystem fund, marketing, exchange listing, and team and advisors.

What was the sale price at the time of token sale?

The price at the last round of token sale was 1 ETH to 4,000 AVS. What cryptocurrencies were accepted during the sale? Ethereum (ETH).

What cryptocurrencies were accepted during the sale?

Ethereum (ETH).

How can I buy AVS?

You can purchase AVS/ETH on Uniswap and AVS/USDT on Hotbit exchange.

Is AVS transferrable? Which wallets can be used to store AVS?

AVS is a multi-utility tokens designed to be used for decentralized finance on the Ethereum Network. It is transferable. AVS is an ERC20 token, and can be stored on ERC20 compatible wallets. We do not endorse any particular wallet but some users have successfully stored AVS tokens on MetaMask, Trust Wallet and MyEtherWallet and other hardware wallets.

How much APY can I earn by staking AVS?

Up to 28.53% APY in staking rewards.